IMG_0035I have been happily married to Cindy since 1986. We have three adult children and a beautiful granddaughter. We live in Central California for now but are considering a move to the Pacific Northwest in the next year or two. We love Portland and like the idea of being closer to our granddaughter who lives outside of Vancouver, Canada.

I am a professional student and wannabe writer. I write about random political, religion, and leadership issues as well as some random things from time to time.

Born and raised in a Christian family, I ran away from God for many years until my wife finally helped me come to my senses and embrace my faith in Jesus Christ. I sometimes write about my faith and the journey I have been on. It has been an interesting journey, where at times I have been very close to God and at other times I can’t seem to find my way.

From a political perspective, I am, as my blog is entitled, Barely Right of Center. I am a recovering conservative who was almost in the Tea Party before I woke up and realized some of those people are just wacko. In reality, I grew closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and learned how to have more compassion for other people no matter who they are. My heart breaks over all of the senseless violence in our world, especially violence that is committed in the name of religion.

Sometimes I write about leadership, which is where I have worked for years in the past and what I studied in college. I am intrigued by different leadership philosophies and challenged to be a better leader in every situation. There are other times when I may do book and movie reviews when I see or read something I really love…or really hate.