Just Another RINO?

If you ever read this blog before then you know that I ranted against both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I saw evil and a bad future for America regardless of who was elected. I ended up voting for Gary Johnson (L) because I just couldn’t support either of the other candidates. Since the election I have watched with fascination how the left has protested and rioted against President-elect Trump. I remember in 2008 there was a lot of angst by the right when President Obama was elected, but Republicans and others didn’t protest with violence against other people or property. These spoiled, self-centered liberals have caused millions of dollars in damage in their outrage. What do they hope to accomplish? They can’t change the results unless their intimidation results in Electoral College electors decide to change their state’s votes in favor of Hillary. I don’t see that happening though.

In reality, what do they have to be afraid of? Trump will not be able to fulfill the majority of his campaign promises because the House and Senate, with Republican majorities, will not cooperate with the radical plans Trump has. In order to gain support of both houses of Congress, Trump is running to the center with his political ideology. He is nominating known RINOs like Mitt Romney for Secretary of State. RINO, if you don’t know, stands for Republican In Name Only. Trump is becoming a RINO. The far right who supported him in the election will be disappointed as he turns out to be less of a radical who promised to “drain the swamp” in Washington. With that in mind it is quite likely that the left will have very little to fear.

Serves Them Right 

I watched the election results in stunned silence. Sitting in my hotel room in Sacramento, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I turned the TV on at 8:00pm as the polls closed in California. I was expecting to see Hillary killing it with the election well in hand but instead she was getting her clock cleaned by Trump. By Trump! Wow. 

Hillary ran a terrible campaign and she is a deeply flawed person but I still expected that evil bitch of the east to win. I retrospect it is easy to see where she went wrong and where her accomplices in the media lost the campaign for her. She is a liar and a cheat and her supporters didn’t care. Therein laid a majorproblem. Liberals have their heads so far up their own asses that they think anyone who doesn’t think just like they do is a bigot, racist, idiot, evil, misogynist, homophobe, or worse. They are so convinced that anyone who doesn’t think like them is so wrong that they fail to realize they angered millions of Americans. It enraged those who hate the politically correct bullshit forced upon them by the left. 

The leftists are so arrogant that they cannot enter into a conversation with anyone with differing opinions. Instead they shout that person down and belittle them. Millions of people got fed up with being treated like crap and they rose up and smacked down the idiotic liberal elites and their poster girl, Hillary. If only the left held a modicum of humility they could have grasped the anger of the right and would have seen how the common people who are not drinking the Obama/Clinton Kool-aid hate being belittled, demeaned, and ignored. Without the ability to carry on a conversation and consider opinions outside of the leftist  intelligentsia, the Democrats nominated the worst possible candidate. They have a lot to learn if they want to recapture Congress in two years or the White House in four years. I don’t think they will learn the most important lesson in humility. They don’t seem to have the capacity to admit they are wrong. 

Separation of Church and State


There was a time about 10-12 years ago when I would hear someone mention “separation of church and state” and my blood pressure started to rise. I would think to myself, “How could anyone be so ignorant as to not understand the context of Thomas Jefferson’s intent when he wrote that phrase in a letter to a church that thought another church was going to be the official church of the nation?” Did I really think that way? Yes. Was I really that arrogant that I would smugly look down on liberals who spouted separation as if they were Untermensch. Sadly, yes. So what has changed?

The change came the way so many changes have come to me. By spending time trying to better understand the nature and character of Jesus Christ and being humbled every time I realize how far away I have wandered from the example he set for me and for all of us. I have been guilty of excessive pride on many occasions and it hurts to be humbled, especially when you have been humbled as many times as I have been. But it is with the humility that a heart is opened to transformation and the work of the Holy Spirit. I am being transformed, probably not as quickly as God would like, but I am being transformed.

So what does this have to do with the separation of church and state?

The attempt to force a marriage of church and state in America could be one of the biggest and most damaging mistakes in the history of the Christian church. I think that we Christians in the United States have deluded ourselves and that we are in violation of the nature of the Gospel of Christ. The church has been misled to believe that we are called to save the culture. Do we honestly think that God is pleased just because his name is mentioned on our money and monuments? Look out you heathens. You took prayer out of schools. God is really angry now. We behave as if our country is headed straight to Hell if we quit putting the label of God on everything because of political pressures.

The political freedoms that we Christians have enjoyed in this country are really a type of bondage. They have trapped us in a false sense of security and have given us a false belief that in order to affect real change in our culture we have to adapt to the political way of getting things done. Except for a remnant of revolutionary Christians the mainstream of Christianity in America has rejected Jesus Christ’s methods of change. We have accepted the notion that through politics and the election of “Christian” leaders who can exhort power and influence over people we can affect change that pleases God. This does nothing more than marginalize Christianity and leads us to believe that we can overcome the evil in our land with a vote. Can any of us honestly say that we have been successful in changing our culture for the better by adapting to the political methods of the world? I don’t think that the ballot box is what God had in mind as a way for us to confront the evil in this world.

I believe that many American Christians have been deceived into believing that God has blessed us because we claim to “trust” him on our currency. Similarly we seem to think he curses those nations that don’t “trust” in him. Do we really believe that because we call ourselves “a Christian nation” that we are blessed? The children of Israel were God’s chosen people and if my recollection of the Old Testament is correct, they were punished quite harshly more than once, yet they were “blessed” by God as his chosen people. We need to realize that our secular country that sometimes throws in a little bit of God in the mix won’t escape judgment. The political agenda of our country and the plan that God has for the church don’t mix. Why has that gone unnoticed by the church?

Is the United States “blessed” because we have material abundance? Some Christians may think so but I am not getting into prosperity gospel here. Will the United States cease to be blessed if we stop using the generic name of “God” on our money and monuments? What kind of God in Christ do we really have? We need to consider how God deals with kingdoms of Earth and how he deals separately with his church. If we apply the Word of God properly we see that God always used earthly kingdoms to suppress evil and carry out judgment on nations who became corrupt. These earthly kingdoms are agents of God’s wrath (Romans 13:4). But we should also consider how God always turns around and judges that nation for its own sin and corruption. In the 8th century B.C. God used Assyria as the rod of his wrath and then he punished Assyria and held her responsible for her actions and her sin.

The Children of Israel in the Old Testament and the Christian church of the New Testament are supposed to be set apart and operate under a different set of rules than the rest of the world. We are to be citizens of the Kingdom of God and he is jealous for our allegiance. Throughout the Old Testament when Israel would stray away from God he would eventually bring punishment on them and when they repented he would restore them. All God ever wanted was a relationship with his people. God still wants a relationship with his people. We are his people through the blood of Jesus Christ we have a personal, intimate relationship with the Creator of the Universe.

Jesus is our Lord. Not Caesar. Not the president. Not any other ruler on Earth. If Caesar wants you to pay taxes and obey the laws of the land, then do so. “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s” (Matthew 22:21). In other words let the governments have the worldly things it claims but give to God what belongs to him: your spirit, soul, and body. We need to put our energy into things that are eternal rather than worrying about the political systems and causes that will not last into eternity. There is a finite amount of time left for these political systems and their effectiveness for change. We should concentrate our efforts on those things that will last into eternity.

The church needs to distance itself from the endless cycle of partisan politics, corruption and worldly violence. Our work should be to engage the injustice in the world in ways that do not violate the principles of God’s Kingdom and do not cater to the ungodly political processes. Doing the work of God in all things should be first and foremost on our minds. Forget about the glory of Rome and Caesar. Yes, it is alright to honor Caesar but fear only God (1 Peter 2:13-17). Pray for our government and its leaders but we shouldn’t worry about seeking for ourselves power which can enslave us. It will take your heart captive and sow evil where pride, arrogance and all forms of hatred hide (Titus 3:1-7). We must fully engage our lives in an effort to end injustice in the world using the example of Jesus Christ. We need to realize that Jesus Christ is the only candidate worthy of our time and efforts in campaigning.

With that in mind, how silly is it to talk about “our country” using language reserved for the church? Our “country” and every other nation on earth have really only been instituted by God for the purpose of executing his wrath. God “bless” America? I won’t go so far as to agree with the awful words of Jeremiah Wright who said, “God damn America”, but in reality the true blessings of God are reserved for his church not a secular earthly kingdom. Could you imagine the apostle Paul and his friends saying “God bless Rome?” There is a certain absurdity that most Christians can’t seem to comprehend in statements that take such pride in earthly kingdoms.

As I write this the economy is stable but weak, having “recovered” from a dismal period several years ago. Leadership of our country has failed and there are culture wars boiling up across the United States. Are we as Christians prepared to say that the only way to save our culture and economy is to vote “God” back into the every day language of our country? We live in a pagan culture and efforts to “Christianize” that culture by worldly methods will only produce a pagan “Christian” culture that can talk of religious things and make healthy profits off of religious stuff. In reality, that is what we have been doing in our country for a very long time. Is that because we believe times are different now than they were when Jesus walked the Earth? Oh no! We better get out the vote and help fix this mess! Maybe on the other hand it is time that we give up the rights we are supposed to exercise and rely only on the wealth of riches and the security we have in Jesus Christ. If Christians lose political power, as if we really have any, what is the worst that can happen?

Of course we could exercise those rights and vote and feel good about ourselves knowing that we still have our rights and even though gay couples can now marry, our rights as Christians have not been infringed upon. And by the way, I have some very good friends who are gay and married. While I believe homosexuality is outside of God’s plan for his creation, I am not going to condemn those friends or anyone else who exercise their rights. After all, how does it hurt us if we truly do trust in God for our salvation? Does it really doesn’t matter if we stick a picket sign in the face of a pregnant teenager telling her she is going to hell instead of realizing that she really needs someone to take her in and help her?

It is so easy to be a cultural Christian and believe that we can advance the Kingdom of God through politics. Let’s elect good Christian leaders and pass “God-friendly” legislation to do the work of Christ so we don’t have to get our hands dirty actually working with people who have real physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Hey, let government take care of it, as long as the money still says we trust in God. If we actually take Jesus seriously we may have to talk to some of these people. We might be asked to love them and through that love affect real change in their lives.

Government and laws can only suppress evil for a season. Laws don’t save people. Instead they only provoke the sinful nature of man. For those who do not know Christ the laws are needed to maintain some sense of order. We are not called to invoke laws that suppress evil. We are called to overcome evil. Why then is the church so fond of getting involved with politics and electing government leaders who rule by legislation designed by human wisdom and who enforce their will by the wisdom of military leaders and politicians? Are we too blind to realize that these same government leaders of our earthly kingdom, with whom we are infatuated are the same ones who will rise up against Christ on that last day?

In the last couple of weeks before you join the game of partisan politics, think about whether or not your vote really matters and where is Christ in it all. How did Christ engage the worldly systems of his day? I think the answer is much more clear than we would like it to be and therefore much less comfortable to we Christians in our “blessed” country. We have grown entirely too accustomed to our life in Corinth. What Paul said to the original Corinthians still applies to us today, “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God” (1 Corinthians 1:18).

There are real problems facing America today. How will the church respond? Will we trust in Jesus Christ and his example? Will we trust in the way of winning that happens by dying? Will we trust in a battle plan that calls for everyone to lay down their arms and fight with love? Will we accept God’s plan that we operate in a way contrary to the world?

Or will we call it foolishness and forfeit our inheritance?

The church in America may have an opportunity soon. Will the church be ready? For many I do not think so. Many will be shocked when the scales fall from their eyes and they can see nothing but the blinding light of the truth of Jesus Christ in the midst of suffering. I believe that the church will undergo a radical transformation when that time comes and we will finally understand what true freedom feels like. We will no longer be in bondage to the world.

“And they admitted that they were aliens and strangers on earth. People who say such things show that they are looking for a country of their own. If they had been thinking of the country they had left, they would have had opportunity to return. Instead, they were longing for a better country– a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared a city for them.” Hebrews 11:13-16

Moving In

I’m not sure that I’m ready for this. My daughter is 25 and living at home. I don’t mind this at all because I want to protect her from all the bad guys out there who may try to take advantage of her. She can stay as long as she wants. 

I’m concerned about what will happen in two weeks when my son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter move in with us. I love them to bits and I’m looking forward to them being here, but I also have some concerns. We have our routines and they don’t know them. They have their own family routines and we don’t know them. It may be a little awkward for awhile. 

I’m not sure how long they will stay but I hope it works out so they can stay until they get on their feet in the States. Moving from Canada will be a big culture shock for my daughter-in-law. I’m not sure how well she will adapt.

Still, I’m glad they are coming and super glad I will get to watch my granddaughter grow up…at least for awhile. 

Can’t Believe I love Pokémon Go

The game that has enthralled tens of millions of people around round the world is just plain amazing. According to the Android Market, which won’t release exact numbers, as of last week there were between 50-100 million downloads for the Pokémon Go app. Apple won’t release exact numbers with, but they have said that Pokémon go has crushed every other app in downloads, including the previously most popular app, Candy Crush Saga.

I was camping with my family and 500 of our closes friends when Pokémon Go was released. My nephew started playing right away even though there were few of the little creatures to be had in our camp. By Sunday the 10th when we started down the mountain and stopped for lunch, he went crazy in the small mountain town where there were dozens of Pokéstops (where you gain items to help you play). He also found a lot of new Pokémon that he hadn’t seen while camping. I was intrigued by his excitement but didn’t really give it a lot of thought. The following weekend my daughter was playing and I asked her about it. I used to play Pokémon Snap with the kids when they were young and loved playing it with them. So I decided to give the game a try.

I downloaded it to my iPhone 6 and got my first Pokémon, a Squirtle. I really didn’t know what to do so I messed around a little then set it aside and deleted the app. I didn’t have time for a game like that. Or so I thought. I watched as more and more people started playing and then I heard it became more popular than Twitter, then Facebook and I decided to try it again. I have to admit the game is fun and something my daughter and I could do together. Then my wife got in on it and we started playing together. And play we have.

We went to a wedding last weekend in San Juan Capistrano. During the hours of spare time we had on Saturday after the Friday night wedding, we walked the town and had a lot of fun chasing these little buggers. We stopped at Dana Point on the way home to see if we could catch different Pokémon that were water based and different than we could get at home. We did. It was a long day of playing around catching Pokémon and just spending a fun time together. My wife is my best friend and I love spending time with her, even if it is just doing something silly like playing a kids game.  On Sunday evening…after the 106 degree day began cooling off, we went down to Fresno State University and had our first battle to try to take over a gym, which is a kind of fortress and training facility to gain experience points. From there we went to Woodward Park in north Fresno. There were hundreds of people gathered around three areas with a lot of Pokéstops collecting both Pokémon and items to make the game more playable.

We have played it a bit since but I have set it aside during the week as it can be a tremendous time bandit and I have work to do. But this weekend we will probably go hunting again if the heatwave dissipates a bit. I still can’t believe I am playing this game but it really is fun and addicting. My son from Canada is moving down here in September and he is excited to play the game when I get him a new iPhone. It will kind of be like the old days of playing Snap with the kids. I love me some nostalgia with my family.


No More Politics 

I have hundreds of friends on Facebook. I don’t know all of them in real life but with a subset of over 300 I have a special friendship based on a common experience from years ranging from 1955-present. These are my brothers from the Madison Scouts. I cherish their friendship and our brotherhood and I don’t want to risk any of these friendships over petty political squabbles. I’m not going to do it. 

If you have read any of my previous posts from many months ago I blasted both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I can’t stand either of them and no matter who wins America is screwed. There is nothing I can do to change the outcome or sway friends away from their deep seated beliefs. 

So today I spent 20 minutes going through my Facebook wall and deleted every political post I put up going back to the first of the year. I just don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. 

Sure, some of you may say that I am putting my head in the sand, but I’m not. I will work to get my preferred local candidates elected as mayor, city council members, county supervisors, and school board members. Those are races where I can possibly have an impact on the results. 

Even then I won’t get political on social media. Oh, and to help with that, and the fact I don’t need it, I have deleted my Twitter account, where I had over a thousand followers, and I deleted my Instagram account too. Time bandits and not anything that improves my quality of life so why have them?

It’s a new day. Maybe it’s time to change the name of my WordPress site too. Barely Right of Center reflects my political views. Hmmm, now to rebrand myself on here. Well that should be a fun challenge. 

Peace out!

The Proper Response for Cops

Police Chief Jerry Dyer of Fresno, California is a class act. Recently there was a large Black Lives Matter protest that blocked one of our major cross town streets for hours. His department did not harass the protesters in any way. Instead they took pictures of the protesters, recorded license plates of cars involved in the march, and kept anti-protesters from causing any trouble. 

I’m his television appearance about the protest Dyer said their plan was to just issue citations the next day to the organizers who were listed on the application for the demonstration as well as others who were identified from photos and from license plates. 

Why did he do this? Because their permit was granted to assemble peaceably on the sidewalks of the biggest intersection in town. Instead they took to the streets and blocked traffic and shut down businesses for hours. 

They could have easily been arrested but that would have just added fuel to their ridiculous fire of protest. Instead he handled it with zero violence against the protesters.
I’m glad we have a police chief with such wisdom and dignity to allow people to say their words that are protected by the First Amendment yet won’t tolerate it when they break the law. Jerry Dyer is a role model for his department, the community, and for other police departments across the country. 

It was my pleasure to buy him a cup of coffee this morning at Starbucks and to thank him for all he does for this city.